Bletchley Park

  • Technology History

    Along with its codebreaking activities, Bletchley Park is associated with the rapid development of technological innovations and particularly related to Enigma and the Bombe, and Lorenz and Colossus. … more

  • History Of Bletchley Park

    Bletchley Park lies 50 miles (80km) north-west of London close to the North-Western Railway line through Bletchley in the heart of Buckinghamshire.

    In 1883, Herbert Samuel Leon, a wealthy City of … more

  • WWII to modern times

    Bletchley Park also known as Station X is best known for its role within the Second World War as the home of the codebreakers. This was the heart of intelligence for the Naval, Air and Military … more

  • Bletchley Park Trust

    The Bletchley Park Trust is a registered charity, 1012743, its Mission is to preserve and develop Bletchley Park as a world-class museum, heritage site and education centre in order to enhance the … more