To Safeguard the future of this important heritage site Bletchley Park Capital Partners calls for an independent review of the future development of the Bletchley Park estate

Bletchley Park Capital Partners (BPCP) set out in 2003, with the support of Bletchley Park Trust’s previous management, to create the Bletchley Park Science and Innovation Centre. The success of the Centre has had a wide and multifaceted impact throughout Milton Keynes and pump primed the regeneration of Bletchley Park. 

In the autumn of 2005, Sir Christopher Chataway (then Chairman of Bletchley Park Trust) listed among the important recent achievements of Christine Large (then Chief Executive of Bletchley Park), the inauguration of the Bletchley Park Science and Innovation Centre, opened by Lord Sainsbury.

Indeed, sources on the Bletchley Park Trust have acknowledged that without the funds and impetus provided by BPCP, the Trust would have become insolvent, Bletchley Park would have not survived and an important piece of world history would, in all probability, have vanished.

Over the years BPCP’s contributions to the Trust have been substantial:

  1. BPCP provided a much-needed cash injection long before Heritage Lottery Fund funding arrived and BPCP continues to provide a guaranteed income stream for the Trust;
  2. BPCP has paid to the Trust over £1.5 million up to 2013 and continues at the rate of £240,000 per year – something that has never been publicly acknowledged by BPT;
  3. BPCP has paid to BPT over £120,000 in contributions to utility bills and service charges; and
  4. BPCP has spent over £1.3 million on the refurbishment of c40,000 sq.ft. of the Park’s dilapidated buildings plus c.9,000 sq.ft. in the Mansion at no cost to BPT.

During World War II, Bletchley Park housed some of the most fertile brains of the 20th Century and, with the development of the world’s first electronic computer, is the birthplace of the modern knowledge economy. The Centre is building on this legacy so that, once again, a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, scientists and innovators is forming at Bletchley Park.

The Centre is achieving success and importantly having a broader impact - creating and sustaining jobs and generating economic activity in the wider business and social communities. The whole concept is a great example of how private companies and charities can work together to benefit the community. 

It is the view of BPCP that the way forward is to adopt a more holistic and inclusive approach to the strategic development of Bletchley Park to ensure its long term success and economic sustainability. The historic and socio-economic importance of Bletchley Park is too great for it to be allowed to fail.

BPCP has always taken a positive and supportive role in the development of a vibrant and financially sound Bletchley Park in partnership with the Trust and all the Park’s occupants. 

BPCP calls for an independent review of the future development of the whole estate.

About Bletchley Park Capital Partners

BPCP established the Bletchley Park Science and Innovation Centre in blocks A and E of Bletchley Park in 2004 in conjunction with the Bletchley Park Trust. It was set up with the triple objectives of providing much-needed revenue for the Bletchley Park Trust, to foster the growth and development of dynamic knowledge-based businesses by providing serviced commercial offices and support on Bletchley Park, and to stimulate the local economy. It was the first and is the largest contributor to the Bletchley Park Trust having invested over £3 million through rent, refurbishment (including the first floor of the Mansion) and infrastructure.