WWII to modern times

Bletchley Park also known as Station X is best known for its role within the Second World War as the home of the codebreakers. This was the heart of intelligence for the Naval, Air and Military sections and had played a pivotal part in the war and the deciphering the German Enigma code and the encrypted Lorenz communications.

The estate was in existence long before World War II and there are references dating as far back as 1711. However the The Mansion building itself has been in existence since the 1800s and has evolved over the years with extensions and alterations.

When Bletchley Park Capital Partners arrived at Bletchley Park in 2004, the Mansion had undergone some repair work over the years and was kept up as a tourist site, but there was no real infrastructure in place nor a plan for the surrounding blocks. Bletchley Park Capital Partners came together with a plan to transform part of the site and support the conservation of its heritage.

Today we see a revitalised Bletchley Park continuing the philosophy of its predecessors and driving forward innovation. We have created a supportive environment to help innovators and entrepreneurs to succeed.

Before RenovationBefore Restoration