Bletchley Park Capital Partners: Leading the regeneration of Bletchley Park


It all started when…

The Bletchley Park Science and Innovation Centre (BPSIC), a key mover in the regeneration of the Bletchley Park, was established in 2004 by Bletchley Park Capital Partners Ltd (BPCP).

BPCP is run by local entrepreneurs who established a partnership with the Bletchley Park Trust to provide a mutually profitable arrangement for the regeneration of Bletchley Park at a time when the Park was severely strapped for cash. 

Since 2004, BPCP has been instigating the renovation of many of the most derelict buildings and equipped them with modern security and ICT facilities to make them very attractive offices for companies wanting headquarters at a highly prestigious address.

BPCP continues to renovate buildings on the Park, the most recent refurbishment being the upper floors of the historic Bletchley Park Mansion..