Vitaq- Sean Redmond

Vitaq has been based at the Mansion, Bletchley Park for nearly five years. As a software technology company which has invented, patented and developed a new innovative test automation tool, the BPSIC address is very prestigious. Our staff get to walk in the footsteps of Alan Turing every day, enjoying the parkland site and historical ambiance of this jewel in UK computing history’s crown.

 Our location is a leading marketing message and USP. Our clients and partners thoroughly enjoy visiting us and we often entertain them to a tour of the Park, Bombe and Colossus.

 A short walk from Bletchley station, the Euston line train gets you into central London in a little over 30 minutes.

 The BPSIC offices have great character and yet modern high speed communications, ideal for all aspects of developing and marketing high technology products and services.